multimedia artist, using film and sound, performance, found objects, printmaking, and installations.
        practice looks at Black diasporas, particularly women, and their connection to memory, myth, and land.     uses geology, fiction and technology to imagine possible futures and their necessary histories, which cast a critical eye on capitalism and environmental consumption.     mining archives, and interweaving different ecological objects and materials     tries to imagine what may have been forgotten and where we (as a global community) might be going.  
         recent artworks have been exploring Black trauma and healing, using sonic storytelling, collaborative performance, and geology.

where the restless ocean pounds
Commissioned by Sustrans, 2021

supported by Transport Scotland

A sculptural installation and set of performances on diasporic experience, hauntings of Slavery, and the Black female body. Throughout the month, a series of polyphonic spoken word performances will use ritual in order to retrieve and re-embody memory; giving space for the ghosts (past, present and future) to speak.