multimedia artist, using film and sound, performance, found objects, printmaking, and installations.
      practice looks at B/black diasporas, particularly women, and their connection to memory, myth, and land.    
            uses geology, fiction and technology to imagine possible futures and their necessary histories, which cast a critical eye on capitalism and environmental consumption.    
                tries to imagine what may have been forgotten and where we (as a global community) might be going.                        

the dirt eaters
16 Nicholson Street, 2022

The Dirt Eaters title refers to those who used to consume specific types of earth and clay for vitamins. 

In the film two women are immersed in an intimate conversation. One of them recalls living on a toxic land, while on screen a disembodied figure is looking for her bearings in an unreal landscape.

Created for the exhibition Needs and Freedoms, at 16 Nicholson Street Gallery, Glasgow, 2022, with support from Creative Scotland.